RAM Construction Services - Agreement Reached!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Today BAC Local 2, MI and RAM Constructions Services completed and signed our final 2019 Table Settlement!

On behalf BAC Local 2's Bargaining Committee and the members of our Union, I want to thank all of our Union Brothers and Sisters of the Michigan Building Trades for their support. I am especially grateful to all those who showed their support on jobsites strike lines.

Bricklayers Local 2’s Bargaining Committee worked hard throughout Sunday, June 30, 2019 with the Representatives of RAM Construction Services for a fair agreement for all the members of Bricklayers Local 2, MI.

Together we are pleased to support our Bricklayers Local Pension Fund, our Health and Welfare Fund as well as raising the hourly wage for the Bricklayers, Cement Masons and Restoration members who work at RAM Construction Services.

Here are some points that I want to make clear regarding our relationship moving forward with RAM Construction Services.

  1. RAM Construction Services is BAC Local 2, MI's largest single employer.
  2. Our Unions goal is to provide as many members as possible for our Union contractors.
  3. Getting our members to work at RAM helps them to provide for their families and grows our Union.
  4. While we had differences at the bargaining table, in the end we settled those differences professionally and we came to an agreement going forward.  We are ready for the future!
  5. RAM provides valuable work opportunities and hours for our BAC members. 

 Here are some of the details from our Settlement Agreement with RAM Construction Services

  • A three (3) year agreement with economic increases as follows: 

         June 1, 2019 - 1st Year - $2.22  
         June 1, 2020 - 2nd Year - $2.22
         June 1, 2021 - 3rd Year - $1.96

  • Article V, Section 11. Add the language in bold .

Should New Year’s Day, Independence Day or Christmas fall on Sunday, the following day shall be observed as the holiday. 

  • Article V, Additional Wage Provisions, Section 14.  Add following provision:
    Any bargaining unit employee that is certified in welding and performs a sustained welding assignment of five (5) hours or more per day on any given job shall receive $3.00 over/above regular hourly scale.
  • Article V, Additional Wage Provisions, Section 15. Add following language in bold.

For work performed, the Base Wage shall be increased by the following amounts per hour for all employees (including apprentices and improvers) involved on the following types of jobs:
(f) working with any suspended scaffold, work cage, or bow swains chair $2.50 additional. 

  • ARTICLE XI Scope of Work. Add the following new “robotic” language:  “The installation, setup, operation and maintenance of any robotic or mechanical device used for the installation of masonry units and materials including, but not limited to: the alignment of the robotic or mechanical device on the scaffold; the performance of all measurements necessary for proper layout and installation of masonry units and materials; the loading, inputting  or transferring of data, maps, measurements and plans into the robotic or mechanical device; the installation and adjustment of story poles and other related guidance systems (e.g. laser guides); the coordination and proper placement of all masonry materials into or onto the robotic or mechanical device; the calibration of the interface between the robotic or mechanical device and story poles or other guidance systems; and all other adjustments and calibrations necessary for the proper functioning of the robotic or mechanical device.
  •  The operation of the robot or mechanical device, including the operation of computers (including tablets and other portable electronic devices) and controls; all quality control operations that ensure that masonry units and materials are being installed properly (e.g., set plumb and level and spaced properly in terms of height and bonding requirements); the management of mortar controls; and the management of ongoing calibrations.  The cleaning and routine maintenance of the robotic or mechanical device.”

I hope that you all have a good 4th of July Holiday and Holiday weekend!

Chuck Kukawka
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Local 2 Michigan