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Apprenticeship provides you with the most extensive career training in the industry which is accomplished with On-the-Job and Related Training to give you a solid future in the Trades. This is offered to you at no cost - Yes, it is free! Whether it is Brick, Block, Stone, Tile, Masonry Restoration, Marble or Terrazzo, we can find a fit for you.


Leave a Legacy


Competitive Wages


In-Demand Skills

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Training is generally imparted in two ways:

Learn by doing

On the job training provides an actual working scenario for Apprentices to master their skills while doing the actual job.

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Classroom training

Classroom training duplicates actual working conditions allowing Apprentices to pay more attention to the activities and projects. Thus, making them more confident when returning back to the job site.

Benefits Include:

✔ Health Care

✔ Pension

✔ Vacation

✔ Retirement


Are you a Veteran?

The G.I. Bill ® will offset the reduced apprentice wage with a housing stipend based on your geographic area. The stipend is reduced as the apprentice achieves pay increases through the program. What subsequently happens is the Veteran Apprentice receives essentially Journeyman scale during the duration of his apprenticeship program.

Contact MI BAC Veterans Representative, Jesse Stevens, for more information on how to get started!

Phone: (248) 416-2249